THON 2010

I’m so neurotic. I didn’t post a blog for weeks because of my intention to put up a really worthy post about THON, the indescribably moving, noble, and world-changing student-run charity event at Penn State. More about THON here:

The Flickr album, including more than 7,500 uploads, is here:
Here’s the link to all my photos from THON:
When Noah first invited me, I had only the most general idea about the enterprise of THON, and no conception of why I would want to drive to Pennsylvania mid-semester to stand around in a huge auditorium, especially since Noah warned me that he’d be to busy to spend much time with me.
“Trust me, Mom. This is more important to me than my graduation.”

Of course, I “get it” now. Noah, you were so right.

I was there spending unforgettable moments with my son, Noah, while he raced about with admirable efficiency keeping his fantastic committee networked and generally being of service in a thousand ways.

These young men and women raised nearly 8 million dollars in the fight against children’s cancer.

Of course it’s intimidating to write about this. I have to forgive myself for this paralysis or I

might not be able to write anything else, ever.

Of course, no blog on this topic would be complete without this gem from THON’s Got Talent, Tucker Haas performing “Boom Boom Pow”
I think the pictures and videos will have to speak for themselves. Noah, Noah’s Ark, THON volunteers all, and PSU, I am SO proud of you.