SO many duties and concerns swirling in my head, so of course I put it all aside and had an art attack last night. I made three collages and started a file of cutouts and supples to take along on my solo trip “down home” to FL next week (note to robbers–our home will be fully occupied)!

This collage is one that, I’m flattered to say, Helen picked out for her birthday/anniversary gift and I hope it finds a place in her den of serenity and creativity that we call “the tree house”.

Noah is on his way home NOW! Harold graciously–heroically, even–drove out to Rockville, MD to pick him up, with all his “stuff”, and bring him home. They’re doing the trip with no break–I’m sure they’ll be napping tomorrow. It’s going to be exciting to see Noah, but I’m panicking about the state of the house–why does entropy set in so immediately and completely when a space is vacated?

I don’t want him to have to perch on top of my detritus so I’ve been weeding out the “man cave” and finding lots of buried treasure in the process.

It’s embarrassing to admit but I’m freaking out a bit about leaving Tango. I know the pets will be in excellent hands with the guys but T and I have been spending most of every day together since I’ve been working at home so much. I knew that birds bonded strongly to their “people” but I did not expect the reciprocal attachment to be so powerful. I’ve really come to love this little friend–the way he stands guard protectively on my pillow when I nap; the way he rides on my fork hand hoping to sneak a taste, the way he rests his feathered forehead against mine, concentrating so hard when I am teaching him a new whistle. Sigh.

It’s also hard leaving the garden during this important time for planting, watering, and nurturing. I’m happy to be going to see my mother and other FL family but I’m also homesick already. Most of all, when I get back I look forward to spending LOTS of time with Harold.

Well, that’s about it. Tango wants some of my yams so I gotta go.

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