Glenn Beck on Social Justice Christians

I’m a little short on time today but I wanted to thank my friend Margaret for calling my attention to Glenn Beck’s remarks (made just over a month ago) about “social justice Christians”.

In short, he exhorted viewers to “run” from their churches if they belonged to a church promoting social or economic justice; he further equated such values with communism and Nazism.
A quick survey of the media, both mainstream and user-created, reveals a refreshing variety of effective and creative responses:

Glenn Beck’s original clip on social justice and Christianity:

MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell and Rev. Jim Wallis of Sojourners discuss Glenn Beck’s remarks about “social justice” and Christianity:

Jon Stewart had a little fun with the nonsense:

Christians from many denominations respond:

A song offered in response:

An interesting response from a thoughtful young man:

Soujourner’s Magazine provides a handy letter whereby believers can “turn themselves in” to Glenn Beck for the crime of being a social justice Christian:

I can only offer my Exhibit One: well-known Communist and Nazi, Mother Teresa:

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