On Friday night, March 12, friends and fans of poetry had a meaningful and, at times, enchanted evening at the Harlow Gallery in charming Hallowell, Maine. http://www.harlowgallery.org/

The setting was enhanced by the Young at Art Exhibit, featuring the work of area artists in grades K-12. At right, top are: Long Hair, by Annie McKee, Grade 6; Chinese Ribbon Dragon, by Emma White, Grade 1; and Purple Self Portrait by Erin Ballew, Grade 8. What a vibrant array of images on display from these young talents!

Here, the Portland area poet
Pilgrim admires the work of young artists in the Young at Art Exhibit.

Karin opened the evening with her brave and heartfelt poems. She gave a very powerful reading of her poem The Making of Power, which can be found here in the online publication Trivia: http://www.triviavoices.net/archives/issue5/spitfire.html Her dedication of the poem is wonderful: “Ode to Gertrude Stein, Mary Daly, Audre Lorde, Gloria Anzaldúa, bell hooks, Cherríe Moraga, and everyone of us”.

Karin also shared an exciting collaboration with Gary Lawless, among others, celebrating our crucial “little fish”. You can read more, along with Karin’s “Sardine Manifesto”, here: http://sardinesong.blogspot.com/2009_07_01_archive.html
I highly recommend you also view Karin and Gary’s video “Red Herring Caper”: http://sardinesong.blogspot.com/2009/10/spitfire-lawless-sardine-video_29.html

Thanks to Karin, many of us took home not only memories of her powerful poems but a red herring for “a little change”. More information about Karin Spitfire and her book “Standing With Trees” can be found on the Illuminated Sea Press website: http://www.illuminatedseapress.com/SWT.html

Ellen Taylor, Dr. Ellen M. Taylor, is well-beloved to Maine audiences and has appeared twice before to grace the Harlow crowd with her sensitive, evocative work. She read selections from her most recent book, “Floating”, and cast a spell as she read a rich and varied selection of poems wonderfully conjured from her loving but unsentimental memory. When Ellen reads, I can see and smell and feel her family home, animals, cooking. Leaving childhood, she floated us on her magic carpet to Nicaragua, land of her recent sabbatical, and then closer to home, to a hospital waiting room, and the pain, anxiety, and endless waiting one endures when a loved one is seriously ill.

Information about Ellen’s book, “Floating”, along with a sample poem, can be found here:
http://www.moonpiepress.com/catalog.php?BookID=50#details You can learn more about this accomplished poet and professor at her faculty webpage: http://faculty.uma.edu/etaylor/ellenbio1.html

Poets came from far and wide to hear the featured poets.

Here are Dennis Camire of Kennebunk and David Moreau of Wayne.

Here, feature poets Ellen Taylor and
Karin Spitfire share a light moment enjoying a “red herring”–or is that “read herring”?

Ellen and Karin with the reading’s co-host, Ted Bookey. Ruth Bookey, our other host, is in the background at the book table. As David Moreau says, “it wouldn’t kill ya to buy a book!”

Ted Bookey and Ellen Taylor, discussing poetry and the upcoming Terry Plunkett Poetry Festival at UMA: http://www.uma.edu/plunkett/

Ellen Taylor signs a copy of her book for fellow Moon Pie poet Claire Hersom.
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